Water Compliance Certificate

A compliance certificate is typically provided by a plumber, an electrician or a gas fitter after work on your property is completed. In a way indicating that all work is done, tested and safe too. And most of all, the work has been carried out as per Australian standards and regulations.

A compliance certificate must be signed by the licensed and certified tradesperson and the respective contractor who has carried out the work. It comes in very handy if an insurance claim is made. A plumber should issue the Water compliance certificate within seven days of finishing the work.

Essentially, plumbers issue a water compliance or plumbing certificate for:

→Attaching and detaching pipes and fixtures from the main water supply or sewer connection

→For any work pertaining to sewer, drains, and plumbing

→Hot water installations, replacements

→When an alternative water service is installed

→When a backflow prevention device is installed, altered, removed or disconnected

Please note: A compliance certificate is not given for basic changing the washers in the taps, when unclogging, clogged drains, repairs of taps and pipes or when a storm water drain system is installed.

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